St. Gregory’s High School & College

82 Municipal Office Street

Luxmibazar, Dhaka 1100


May 6, 2019




On First Ramadan College Class will remain closed. We continue holding class from the second Ramadan for college boys.


All classes after Ramadan and Eid will resume on Tuesday June 11, 2019. All are suggested to come to school & college in time and regularly.


Boys are suggested to utilize your time during the break in studies, practicing singing, musical instruments, recitation, drawing, handwriting, reading books & newspapers, writing stories & reports of your experience, composing poems, playing and watching good programs in television and having extra rest. Have enough food and drink to keep your health fit. Try to keep your environment neat and clean. Be careful when you will be going out.


All of you will remain in my prayer.


Brother Prodip Placid Gomes, c.s.c.