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About School

St. Gregory's High School is a Catholic High School founded in Dhaka, British India, in 1882 by Father Gregory de Groote, a Belgian Benedictine priest. The school, located on Subhas Bose Avenue of Luxmibazar , in old Dhaka, was named after Pope Gregory I (540-604 A.D.) who is also a saint.Due to funding crisis, this school could not continue long. In 1888, the American priests of the Congregation of Holy Cross took over the Vicariate of East Bengal from the Benedictine Fathers. At the time, Mr. and Mrs. Wise who were Protestants ran a school at present Wiseghat area near the River Buriganga. In this school, most of the students were of European and Anglo-Indian Catholic communities.Anglican and Baptist pastors were allowed to teach religion at this school. Father Francis Boers,C.S.C. tried many times to be a teacher of Catholic religion to the Catholic students at the... Read More...


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Gregorian Association
Everyone deserves to get education in such an environment where students get all sort of opportunities to flourish their latent talents. St. Gregory’s High School is that of well-equipped institution. It provides well disciplined pleasant atmosphere, highly qualified, devoted teachers who are very encouraging and supportive to the students. Its enriched library , modern science laboratories , large playground , big Basketball court , facilities of playing other sort of indoor games and sports , all are attractive for studying at St. Gregory’s. It will be absolutely the perfect place for any student to polish and nurture his talent in the most useful way.Read More...